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Jose rod holders are available in two sizes

5/8”- ¾” and 1”- 1-1/4”

The  retail prices are $1.00 and $2.15 respectively.

Bam Bam is a safe efficient means to dispatch big game fish, when you do not intend to release. This 2-1/2 pound, composite, dead-blow fish club was designed to stop a thrashing tuna, halibut or shark with a minimum of effort or recoil; while at the same time being much safer to use around your boat and crew than other lethal weapons.

 The retail price is $100.00 each

Daum Soft Surfboard Fin Pricing

Daum Leash Plug Pricing

$1.85/Set of Anchor and screw


Additional Sports Related Products

Urethane Body Board Twin Fin Kits Black>>>>>>$14.99/Set pair of fins and (4) mineral filled screws

Urethane Body Board Single Fin Kit Black>>>>>$11.00/Set Fin and (2) mineral filled screws


Urethane Body Board Handles>>>>>>>$9.95/Set

Mineral Filled Nylon Screws>>>>$40.00 per bag of 250

Screw Bushings>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$55.00 per bag of 250 for boards thinner than 2-1/4” or thicker than 2-1/2”



Performance Polyurethane 4-3/8"Thruster Set Semi-Stiff

$30.99 per thruster set with out screws


Performance Polyurethane 5-1/4"Single Fin-Stiff

$12.33 per fin with out screws


 Performance 7" Single Fin 






All fins in stock in black

Customer Colors available with 100 set minimums and color premium


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